Week 7, Tuesday

We missed writing our post for yesterday, so today we will summarize what we did yesterday and today, as well as what we will be doing in the coming week. We now have three weeks left of production and need to spend our final production-time wisely. Today, we have also updated our schedule for the remaining weeks, giving us a better perspective on the work we have left.

Finally finished reading the books!

We finally got to read the books recommended by the examiner. We had been waiting for the library to send them to us and yesterday, they did. The recommended are Credo by Gustaf Wingren and Humanismen som livshållning by Georg Henrik von Wright (the second title roughly translates into Humanism as a view on Life). These books gave us some valuable insights into the thought processes behind the Christian and Humanistic view on life, which we incorporated into our Bachelor’s Thesis. With this new information at hand, Michael is ready to start writing the texts for World 2 and Final Act this week.

Movement Animations for pieces

Michael started and finished work on the movement animations for the pieces today. He began by making the selected piece follow the mouse’s position as it moved across the screen. This looked good initially, but since the piece is never deselected when a move is made, we ended up with the selected piece never touching the board but instead always following the mouse while the player made consecutive moves. This made the game loose the feeling of pushing around game pieces across the board and instead felt like you were moving an empty space (with the pieces highlights around it) while the piece itself was stuck to the mouse.

We opted for a second solution, namely waiting with moving the piece until after the player had issued a move order. Michael made it so that as soon as the player makes a move, the piece is moved using the lerp function making it cross the board in a quick movement. The piece ends its movement once it reaches its destination. This looked and felt very good, but cascaded into several other problems. Since the Input Handler so far has been able to execute all of its methods directly after another, this created problems as the Handler now had to wait until the piece had completed its move across the board. More issues emerged as the player could move the piece while in transit, altering the end location effectively providing a cheat to get through levels. Michael re-routed the method sequence for movement in the Handler to wait for the movement in the Piece class to finish, which solved a majority of the problems. He fixed the in-transit cheat by making it so that if a piece is moving into a space with another piece in it, the player loses the ability to issue move orders until the current move is completed.

Continue button for text sequences

From the playtest we had two weeks ago, we received feedback that the text in World One seemed interesting but that the tester didn’t have enough time to read it. A “Continue” button was requested, which would let the player read the text at his/her own pace and continuing with the game once he or she’s done. Today, Michael spent some time on implementing this feature, making the text appear together with a “Continue” button and then fading out quickly once the player presses it. The art for the button is currently Unity’s default and will be switched out later.

Continue Button for Story Text


The coming week

In the coming week, Michael will start implementing the board spaces and HUD icons. Now that we have read the books, Michael can also start writing the story bits for World Two as well as the Finale. With the level design done for both worlds, Michael can spend some extra time on making the message come across with the text in the Story.

Graphics for board done

Calle has continued working on the board, which has since last post been finalized. The idea of a transparent board stuck, and some rapid concepts were done for the special bricks, giving us this final board:


What the picture does not show is the subtle animations from particle effects across the board. The highlights have a slight spin, the win brick is shining and the turn too has some spinning going on. Something else not shown is a brick, the“not win” brick, which is basically the win brick desaturated, showing that the player cannot yet step on it to win. When the winning conditions have been met, having one piece left on the board, the brick will turn gold.

HUD and World Two

Part of the HUD has also been worked on; mainly the one showing what piece will end up when two collide. A “ghost” of the piece to come will float next to the players mouse, letting the player know what will happen without having him/her trial and error his/her way through.

There are still minor HUD left to be done before we can call World One finished in the graphics department, so looking forward World Two is to be started. According to schedule Calle will have the world implemented and done by the end of the week, but as it stands right now that is not possible. The world is only in a conceptual stage, and speaking from experience from World One more time is needed. With some of the crucial HUD done however a day or two has been saved, as it was planned to be made in the future. This means that it is not as bad as it looks, but the schedule is still quite tight for Calle.





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