Week 8, Tuesday

This is our first work-day for the week, as we’ve spent the weekend promoting another game at a games festival in the UK. With only two weeks to go, the schedule is tight but manageable.

Work done in the past week – Text, polish and World Two

Michael spent most of the time from last week on writing and implementing the text sequences for World Two as well as the Finale. Even though he now has text to go for each sequence, he isn’t fully satisfied with them as some of the texts are too on the nose, not leaving enough space for player interpretation. Michael spent the rest of the week working on polishing up the game, creating for instance a “spawn animation” for the board making the spaces and pieces fall down from the top of the screen. Below is a picture of the fall-animation in motion, just before the spaces come together:


Calle spent most of the week working on World Two. He finished the art assets for it and is now ready to continue with the animations for the transitions. Because of the time limit and the limited amount of levels, Calle will not create as many transitions as he did for World One. He will probably settle for no more than three transitions: An introduction, a middle and an end.

Today’s work – Animations, Menus and First Build

Today, Michael began working on the menus for the game preparing for the playtests tomorrow. There is now a pause menu which can exit the game, as well as a Main Menu which the player is sent to if he/she finishes the game. This will streamline the process of the playtests tomorrow. Michael also created the very first build of the game with no issues what so ever, a very strange occurrence in the software industry.

Calle started working on the animation for the stars in the second world. In the transitions, smaller stars will move towards the center of the screen creating a larger one. This should represent the different thoughts coming together as a whole, with the smaller stars coming from differently colored areas of the screen. Calle used a Lerp to make the stars move, going with the programming approach instead of creating an animation sequence. Calle does this since a class with this code can be applied to several different object, enabling him to reuse his animation.

The coming week

In the coming week Michael will work on additional drafts for the texts in World Two and Finale. He will also facilitate playtests in order to gather information on how the players interpret the game’s message. Calle will continue his work on the animations for World Two, hopefully finishing them so that he can create the art for the Finale in the beginning of next week. As soon as Calle is finished with his part of the arts for World Two, Michael will begin implementing it into the build.


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